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→ Apr 2014
Mikey Way’s new girlfriend?

It’s funny because two months ago Sarah was the love of his life, the best woman ever, the sweetest… Oh, Mikey, so disappointed. I don’t even know who the fuck are you.

→ Mar 2014
→ Mar 2014

Na Na Na (Frank's and Gerard's laugh) by My Chemical Romance
→ Mar 2014 my-chemical-affair:


→ Mar 2014 Can you please repost it without the flowers? <3 Love this edition. <3
→ Feb 2014
So… Did Mikey Way and Sarah Em break up?
→ Feb 2014
Anonymous: ah okay, sorry i was just worried because mikey is getting a lot of hate over the new band :/ (fuck also i didn't know he cheated on her apparently (according to my friends) it was a rumour started by her or some shit 0.0)

That’s ok, sorry if I was rude, just because you called me stupid. Anyways, he cheated on Alicia. Did you read the tweets LynZ and Chantal sent to her? He cheated on. And now, he’s acting like a kid with Sarah, a 20 years old groupie. No one in the Way family follows her on Twitter, so, he’s a cheater and I’m not sorry for it.

I didn’t listen to his band, by the way and I won’t, because of my personal reasons.

→ Feb 2014
Anonymous: if you were a true fan of MCR, you would respect mikey's choices. It is his choice. Just respect him he has done nothing wrong. And he is not the 'stupid kid'. you are.

Did you eat shit for breakfast? I never said Mikey is doing something wrong. I just DO NOT LIKE HIM. For many reasons, MY reasons. Personal reasons. I don’t have to like him because MCR. I will support Frank, Ray and Gerard as well, but Mikey is an asshole, a cheater, a stupid man who acts like a kid. 

→ Feb 2014

I will NOT support Mikey’s new band. He’s an asshole.

MCR did NOT break up because of him and that little bitch, I know. But he’s a kid, stupid kid and his band can go fuck itself. I’m not even sorry.

→ Feb 2014 This is brilliant!
→ Feb 2014 My life pretty much.
→ Jan 2014
→ Oct 2013
I’m trying to understand the MCR fandom right now…

Ok. MCR’s Official Twitter Account was reverified, but… So what? You know, their legacy will live forever. If you search for, I don’t know, a “dead” band, they will be verified because of art never dies. Music never dies. Like Gerard said in his letter:

My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. 
It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you. 
I always knew that, and I think you did too.
Because it is not a band- 
it is an idea.”

Now, let’s talk about the new bio. The bio is CLEARLY a goodbye BUT it’s a HELLO to the new projects the guys are working on. They’re working, you know? Doing music, art and stuff. And they’re saying goodbye to the old (My Chemical Romance) and saying hello to the new job of every-fucking-one.

Yet, the account may have been hacked again.


→ Jul 2013


I already did a giveaway on twitter so I might as well do one on here :)

I was lucky enough to attend both of Becky and Gerard’s signings here in California and they were kind enough to sign a few extra copies of the comic for me to give away!



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